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Travel Fuels Life

Oct 1, 2019

Welcome to the final two episodes of Season One. I’m going to take you along with me to two tourist destinations, one is South Lake Tahoe, which is known as a ski-resort destination, but I visited it during the shoulder season to see what it offered - and next week’s episode is based a destination you may or may have heard of - Carson Valley, which will not only spin you back into the old west, but which will also yield one of the most fascinating distilleries I’ve seen yet...

Join me in a theatre of the mind presentation where we'll check out Heavenly Gondola, Epic Discovery, the MS Dixie II, great places for food and whiskey (since I'm gearing up for my new podcast Whiskey Lore) and a few surprises along the way.

Think of this as your audio travel blog.

And don’t worry about taking notes, I’ll have a full show notes page prepared with links to everything I’ve talked about in the show. So just relax, put on your seat belt and come along for a ride as I discover Nevada.